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Our Vision

At MeaDAO, we believe that content creators deserve full financial and creative control over their work. We're dismantling traditional boundaries by offering a decentralized, censorship-free space where creators can be true to their craft. By leveraging blockchain technology, we look to arm creators with financial and practical tools, including tokenization, royalty fees, subscription models, sponsor matching, and more, to build a future of content sharing that’s ad-free and focused purely on creativity and community engagement.

Our Features


Decentralization & Censorship Resistance

Creativity thrives in a free environment. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, MeaDao operates on a decentralized structure, promoting transparency, inclusivity, and most importantly, censorship resistance. Here, your voice can't be silenced. Share your ideas freely without fear of external intervention, permanently.


Channel Tokenization

Empower Your Creative Economy: At MeaDAO, we revolutionize content monetization by enabling creators to tokenize their channels with NFTs using our onboard token generator. Exercise complete control over your channel's economy – set your token parameters, decide revenue-sharing models, create exclusive perks, and more...


Be Part of the Action

By holding their favorite channel's NFTs, users on MeaDAO can partner up with the creators and enjoying rewards alongside them. Found the next big creator? Support them early on by holding a digital asset you can capitalize on in the future.


Creator Subscription Model

Channels have the ability to earn subscriptions by providing paid access to some or all of their content. Creators can also have a free channel where their content is available to everyone with no subscriptions or ads.

The MeaDAO Roadmap

Q4 2023 - Ideation and Formation of MeaDAO: Brainstorming and the idea of a decentralized content creation platform and developing the basic framework of MeaDAO.
Q1 2024 - Development Phase: Development of the initial versions of the platform on TestNet, including the foundational decentralized architecture and the introduction of key features.
Q4 2024 - AI Integration and Category Specific Tools: Addition of AI tools to enhance the experience of category specific content.
Q1 2025 - Introduction of Sponsor Matching: A novel tool used by creators and companies to generate unrivaled sponsorship opportunities.
Q2 2025 - Deploying MeaDAO on zkSync: Scaling and securing MeaDAO with a layer 2 zk-rollup on the Ethereum network.
Q4 2025 - TBA.


We will be exhibiting our startup at Teamz Web3/AI expo on April 13 and 14 in Tokyo. Use promocode MEADAO2024 for a 10% discount.
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